Why Should I Learn a Scripting Language?

Scripting allows you to automate tasks, which can require and initial investment, but pays off in the long run. People of a certain generation will remember the moderately popular television show Mr. Belvedere which told the story of British butler coming to live with an upper middle class American family. While the program indulged in […]

What Does “Hack” Mean?

The word “hack” has taken on multiple, conflicting meanings, that contribute to confusion over global political events.

What Is a Theory?

A theory explains the mechanisms through which causes create effects. I’m not prone to violence, but if you really want to see me punch someone, find me on a really bad day, and then tell me “Anything is ‘theoretically possible.’” While the infinite possibilities provided by theory is a common idea is society—and one you […]

Where Are the Best Places to “Experience” Global Politics?

The best destinations to “experience” global politics are memorable, important and engage with politics on the personal, organizational and global levels.

The disconnect between abstract and far removed global politics at the international level, and lived experience at the personal level, can make global politics seem unapproachable, complicated and even unimportant—right until it crashes through your window. An important way to overcome the seeming distance is to visit locations where global politics has had visible effects. Those locations may not always be obvious, but done correctly, the experience can be inherently valuable to students of global politics.

Is There Such a Thing as “Cyberwarfare”?

“Cyberwar” as a discrete phenomenon—fighting only in cyberspace—is as meaningless as a war only at sea, on land or in the air

One of the early books on cybersecurity that gained substantial notoriety was Cyber War (sic) by Richard Clarke and Robert Knake. The title, an inspired choice—if for no other reason than it sold books—was about the only thing inspired about the book. Cyber War reads like what it was: two men who knew a lot about war and were aware there was such a thing as computers, trying to explain why computers were going to kill you and your family, steal all your stuff and spit on your grave. The book was a successful polemic, if nothing else.

Why Should I Care, I Have Nothing to Hide…I Know Of?

Hackers may want information you don’t know you have, or intend to use information in ways you have not thought of.

Unsurprisingly, most people think they know what information they can and cannot access. After all, how could you know something and not know you know it? Trivially, “access” is not “knowledge.” After all, everyone reading this post can also access all information online, but they surely do not know all information online. Even with the information you know you—law abiding citizen—don’t think about information the way malicious actors might.

Why Can We Not Get Politics “Right”?

There is no right; all politics is a strategy, not a process. Never tell people at a party that you have a PhD. in Political Science, because there is a 99% chance they will ask you why politics has so many problems. “Why can’t we just do what needs to happen?” is a common refrain. […]