My First Actual Post!

If you had the misfortune to stumble across this blog in the past few months, you would have seen but one, pathetic post. I have been writing drafts, but not posting them, to get back into the rhythm of blog writing. So I left that sad little stereotype post up.

But no more!

The time has come to start posting regularly. I cannot promise the posts will be good, or even consistent—in posting schedule or quality—because this is still a learning process for me. I have run blogs before, but it has been a while. I’m sure I will occasionally forget to close an HTML tag, or not click “post” at the right time. I’m sorry.1

If you bear with me, I assure you I will try to write something valuable and helpful weekly. I cannot guarantee that an occasional light item will not make it through, but I will keep this blog on topic: global politics and the internet. Forgive my grammar and spelling errors, as I forgive yours, and let’s see if we can grow this blog to five or maybe even six readers who aren’t my mother.

Rather than putting all of the onus of a first blog post on a substantive post, I have decided this rambler will have to do. They can’t all be “Call me Ishmael,” so sometimes it’s best to just rip off the bandage, and get going.

1. I’m not, really. If you’re reading this for the line editing, you are going to be very disappointed. I’ll be johnny on the spot with analysis, though.